Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Letter to Joshua Frank re: His article, "How the 9/11 Truth Movement Helps Bush & Cheney"

Originally published at on Monday, September 18, 2006

Dear Mr. Frank, You decided a priori that the current administration was not in cahoots regarding 9/11, without supporting your position with evidence. Yet you are surely cognizant of the current regime’s known criminality, and you concede there are a lot of questions unanswered re: 9/11. But then you go on to attack the “conspiracy theorists”.

Whoa! It seems re: 9/11 that you’ve tossed away your journalistic balance. You must know that the official story of 9/11 is also a conspiracy theory. Please do your due diligence to determine which theory is best supported by the facts. Why don’t you go back to those unanswered questions and try and answer them? You’re not writing to a fringe group out here, you know. We’re a political force that is demanding answers regarding 9/11, the ongoing justification for Bush’s state terror campaign in Afghanistan, Iraq, and who knows who is next.

Why don’t you go back and try and make a case for your position instead of indulging in ad hominem and straw man attack? Explain, for example, how WTC Building 7 collapsed completely and totally in under 7 seconds hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, though it was not hit by planes nor did it suffer huge fires and massive damage?

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Are We Going to Free Ourselves From Fear & Reclaim the Constitution?

FDR was right. We need only fear fear itself. The Bush Regime and the Military/Industrial/Intelligence/Congressional complex that supports it depend for their power on secrecy, fear, and deception. The antidote is truth; particularly the truth about 9/11 – the origin of the bogus “War on Terror”. My aim is to help disseminate strong evidence of Bush administration complicity in 9-11, evidence that has been kept from public awareness, so that we may recover our democracy, our sanity, our power, and our soul.

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